1. In the far-off etherean worlds spake the Voice of Jehovih, saying: Lika, Lika, My Son! Behold the red star, the earth. She cometh thy way; she mergeth dark and soiled from the forests of ji'ay, in the swamps of Bonassah. She will cross thy etherean fields, the Takuspe, and Opel, and Wedojain, dripping with the odor and dross of the ji'ay'an swamps. Go thou to her, and wash clean her soil and her atmospherean heavens.

2. Lika said: Alas, O Jehovih, how they have forgotten Thee!

3. I will go to the red star, the earth, O Father! I will deliver her into purity and faith. Thy chosen shall be delivered from bondage; Thy God made triumphant on earth and in her heavens.

4. Lika called to his high Council, in his etherean kingdom, Vetta'puissa, in the Plains of Peo'ya, off the Road of Ahtogonassas, at the high Arc of Bon, made light by the holy angels of tens of thousands of years; and he said:

5. Behold, the red star, the earth; the Voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: Go thou to her, O My Son, and wash clean her soil and her atmospherean heavens. And I said: I will go, O Father! I will deliver her into purity and faith.

6. Lika said: Five hundred million etherean hosts will I take with me. For five years and forty days will I and my hosts sojourn on the red star and in her heavens. Her true God shall be restored and delivered in my name by Jehovih's hand. According to the rank of harvest of the gardens of Honyon, so shall my marshals choose and record my hosts.

7. Then spake the Council, the historians of the etherean libraries of the Vorkman Road, where hath traveled the earth for tens of thousands of years. And they detailed the affairs of the earth for many cycles past; made plain before the Gods assembled all the doings of the earth and her heavens.

8. Then Lika sent swift messengers off to the earth and her heavens; in arrow-ships of fire they sped forth, twenty thousand, well skilled in coursing the etherean heavens and penetrating the atmospherean vortices of traveling stars. To obtain the details of her God and her false Gods; her Lords and false Lords; her hadas and her hells; to scan her libraries and hastily return to Vetta'puissa, to lay the matters before the high Council and Lika, the Nirvanian Chief on Jehovih's throne.

9. Lika was sprung from the corporeal star Atos, which traversed the roads, Yatas-koowen, of the south circuit of Thoese, the vortex of another far-off sun, and was raised to etherea in the cycle of Sai-kah, one hundred and twenty-five thousand years, by Meth-ya, Goddess of Ori-iyi, afterward Chieftainess of Yeuna-gamaya.

10. And Lika rose to be God of Avalassak four thousand years; God of Kemma, six thousand years; Inspector of Judas' etherean roads at the a'ji'an swamps of Hennassit, fifteen thousand years; Surveyor of Iwalt, two thousand years; Surveyor of the Wacha excursion, four thousand years; Recorder of Hitte-somat, eight thousand years; Deliverer of Habian vortices, twenty-six thousand years; Measurer of densities in Ablank, one thousand years; Recorder of the Ratiotyivi, two thousand years; God of the Home Plains of Cteverezed, twelve thousand years; and Chief of Vetta-puissa, twenty-five thousand years.

11.Lika had for his high Council thirty thousand Chieftains and Chieftainesses, of grades of more than a hundred thousand years in the etherean worlds; five hundred thousand of the rank of Inspectors; seven millions of the rank of Gods and Goddesses; and of the rank of Lords and Lordesses, more than half a thousand million.

12. Of the Rapon hosts there were seven Chiefs and nine Chieftainesses, who were Lika's private companions. First, Rebsad, Chief of So-tissav, forty thousand years; Sufristor of Sheleves, sixty thousand years; Marshal of Zele'axi, twenty thousand years; Master of Bassaion, seventy thousand years; and he passed twenty thousand years on the journey of Loo-soit-ta-vragenea, besides thousands of other journeys of less duration.

13. Next to Rebsad was Yanodi, Chieftainess of Ure, seventy thousand years; Chieftainess of the Roads of Sallatamya, seventy thousand years; marshalless of Petanasa, forty thousand years; Goddess of the ji-ay'an forest of Loo-loo-woh-ga, sixty-five thousand years; besides Goddess of Mor, Goddess of Chichigennahsmmah, Goddess of El, and of Raumba, and of Zee.

14. Next to Yanodi was Thazid, Goddess of Zoleth; Matrusettes of Yith-kad, Chieftainess of Hagu, Chieftainess of De'baur, and of Hachull, and of the Roads of Oleaskivedho, besides Goddess of more than one hundred etherean worlds.

15. Then came Thoso, Chief of Kassarah and Dassamatz, ninety thousand years; God of Saxax, seven thousand years; God of Chennesa, God of Hoxora, God of Fiben, God of Hotab, each six thousand years; surveyor of the Lymthian Roads, twelve thousand years; marker of meteors, two thousand years; Fireman of Thostus on the Ibien excursion, thirty thousand years.

16. Next to Thoso came Miente, Chieftainess of Gawl and Sanabtis, in whose dominions the star T-lemos was uzated, when Gai-loo opened the Road of Enjxi-ustus for the Nizaigi vortices of Messak; Chieftainess of Lam-Goo and Kud, Goddess of Itzi, Goddess of Ashem and of the Baxgor Wing, Goddess of the Duik Swamps, and Lordess of Sus and Havrij; in all one hundred and seven thousand years.

17. Chama-jius stood next; she was Chieftainess of Hors-ad and Tu and Okadad, Goddess of Asthy, and Hid, and Sheaugus, and Jagri, Surveyor of Arvat and the Vadhuan Roads; surveyor of Anchas; surveyor of the Han Mountains in the etherean Uuj of Drij-Lee; in all two hundred and sixty thousand years.

18. Next stood Murdhana, Chieftainess of D'hup and Hen-Dhi, Chieftainess of Happa and Hirish, surveyor of Sepher and Daka, Inspector of Anachu, and Zadon, and Edau, and Medtisha, and Roth; in all ninety thousand years.

19. Oshor stood next: Chief of Out-si and of Yotek, and of Samoan, and of Yadakha, maker of the Bridge of Weasitee, Marshal of the Honlaguoth expedition, and, besides these places, God of seven etherean worlds; in all one hundred and twelve thousand years.

20. Next came Yihoha, Chief of Shung-how and Agon, Chief of Neo-sin, God of Izeaha, and Kaon, and Ahsow, and Una, and Yuk-Hoh, and Ahgoon. He was also the builder of the Raxon etherean arches; in all ninety thousand years.

21. Hisin was next: Chief of the Kionas Belt, where Yagota, the Orian Chief, walled the Plains of Maga, the Nirvanian home of the delivered hells of Mina half a million years before. Hismi was here nicknamed Creator of Wit, because of establishing his Chieftaincy on the ruins of hell. He was also Chief of Mamsa and Jauap, God of Gah, and of Darah, the region of fountain flowers; in all ninety thousand years.

22. Bowen was next: Chief of Apaha, formerly the Farms of Lung-wan and Srid, Chief of Vadhua, and of the Valleys of Nasqam, where a million years before the Chief of Chaksa disrupted the Atmospherean Sakri, and liberated from its four thousand hells more than thirty thousand million angel slaves in chaos. Bowen had also served as God of Amaan, and Havat, and Shedo, and Pivan; and as measurer of Pracha, and Xeri, and Asthus, surveyor of Ulam, and Sheyom, and Chozeh and Zadark, in all eighty thousand years.

23. Gwan Goo was next; she was Chieftainess of Andol, the place of the one-time apex of the Karowgan vortex, whereat was formed the star Ogitas and sent on its course by Aclon-guin, Orian hemmer of Shegoweasa. This vortex, when first formed by Aclonguin, was three hundred thousand million miles long and was cometary thirty thousand years in Aclon-guin's hands. Gwan Goo was also Chieftainess of Ahsa-thah and Waegon; Goddess of Anoa, and of Howgil, and of Zahaive; in all one hundred and ninety thousand years.

24. Geehoogan was next; Chieftainess of Sumatri in the By-roads of Yotargis, Chieftainess of the four etherean worlds, Yoni, Ogh, Theum and Wachwakags; surveyor of Unshin, Zarihea and Keanteri; inspectress of Saquiz, and Hagimal, and Hafha, and Borax, and Rab, and Shor-loo; in all eighty thousand years.

25. Next stood Bachne-isij, Chief of Yahalom, where the Gein Maker, Tarmoth, cleared the Forests of the a'ji'an Haloth, in making a roadway for Havalad's group of Shemasian corporeal stars, in which labor he employed ninety thousand million Nirvanians for four thousand years, and the distance of the road was more than one hundred thousand million miles. Bachne-isij was Chief of Agwan, and Shoe-nastus, and Hador, and Ad; God of Vach, and of Kuja, and Rai, and Kathab, and Cynab, and Buhd, and Abbir; measurer of the mountains of the etherean worlds, Vijhath, and Hakan, and Dis; measurer of the arches in the etherean world Niksh; constructor of the Plains in the Nirvanian world Chom; in all one hundred and thirty thousand years.

26. Rehemg was next; Chieftainess of Otaskaka, commonly called World of Shining Waters, a great visiting place in Nirvania; she was Goddess of Theasapalas and Timax, weigher of Sultzhowtcih in the Ofel Plains; in all one hundred and ten thousand years.

27. Then stood Antosiv, Goddess of Munn, renowned because she was of two hundred and sixty thousand years, and had declined exaltation above the rank of Goddess.

28. Such, then, were the Rapon hosts.


1. Far and wide, spread the words of Lika, words of Jehovih, over the Plains of Poe-ya, first highest light in etherea, where traveled the earth and her heavens. Far off, toward the northern group of twinkling stars, gazed the etherean millions; rose the voice of millions: Where is the red star? Where lieth the earth and her troubled heavens? Is not this the young star, a satellite that traveleth with the hidan sun? What is the angle and course of this little, traveling world, that our eyes may feast on the road where soon our Chief will send Jehovih's redeeming ships?

2. Then they pointed, surmising, by the red-like color and tedious motion, which was the earth, one of the small gems that Jehovih had placed in the measureless firmament. And they gazed thereon, speaking with souls of delight: Great art Thou, O Jehovih, to build so wide. To stud the etherean worlds with gems like these; to provide a place for the souls of men to germinate. Surely her people, the sons and daughters of the red star, must behold etherea; must realize the difference betwixt a short corporeal life and this endless paradise. Can it be that they have, in their small heavens, unscrupulous false Lords and false Gods who set themselves up to be worshipped as creators, whom mortals name with bated breath? And have they, too, a host of Saviors, who profess to have the key to all the roads that lead into this great expanse, the etherean worlds? Some excuse mortals have who are brought forth to life on the central suns, to be stubborn in their egotism of their Lords and Saviors and Gods; but on one so small like the earth, how can it be?

3. Then came back Lika's swift messengers in their arrow-ships; messengers attained to be very Gods in wisdom, and in swiftness. And they quickly told the tale, about their visit to the red star and her heavens; told how the true God, Son of Jehovih, had struggled on, but had been outmatched by all odds by self-Gods and self-Lords, who had plunged thousands of millions of hapless souls into torturing hells.

4. And this news Lika spread abroad in his etherean dominions, which only needed to be told once, for every sympathetic soul by his shocked appearance told it to others, the like of which spread instantly to thousands of millions of high-raised ethereans. And when Lika said: Five hundred million angels shall go with me to the troubled earth and her heavens, in double-quick time the volunteers were ready to be enrolled on the list.

5. Then Lika inquired more fully of the swift messengers, and they answered him, saying: This, O Lika, Son of Jehovih! The earth hath passed her corporeal maturity, and mortals have set up a pyramid to mark the time thereof. The days of the highest, greatest audacity of the self-Gods are passed, and are memorized by the pyramid also; for in that self same time, they taught mortals to worship the God and the Lord and the Savior, instead of the Great Spirit, Jehovih. But darkness is upon the self-Gods, and they are bound in hells; and mortals are also bound in hells.

6. Behold, this is the first dawn of dan on the earth since she passed the limit of her greatest corporeality.


1. Lika said to his chief marshal: Enroll thou my hosts, five hundred millions, and appoint unto them captains and generals, and grade them and apportion them. Beside these give me one million singers, one million trumpeters, one million attendants, one million heralds, one million messengers and one million recorders and waiters.

2. Lika called his chief builder and said unto him: Build me a fire-ship, an airavagna, with capacity for a thousand millions; and provide thou the ship with officers and workmen sufficient. Consult thou with my mathematicians as to the distance to the red star, and as to the densities through which the ship shall pass, and as to the power required, and the time of the journey, and provide thou all things sufficient therefore.

3. Then Lika spake to the high Council, saying: For the time of my absence my vice- Chief, Heih-Woo shall hold my place. Touching matters whereof ye desire my voice before I go, speak ye!

4. Atunzi said: Behold, O Lika, the star, Yatis, headeth towards the a'ji'an Forests of Actawa, and she hath not passed the esparan age! Lika said: To clear the forest Actawa I appoint Eashivi, Goddess, with three thousand million laborers. Eashivi, how sayest thou? Eashivi said: Thanks to Jehovih and to thee, O Lika. I will at once choose my laborers and proceed to make the road.

5. Wan Tu'y said: Erst thy return, O Lika, the Hapsa-ogan vortex will cross the south fields of Vetta'puissa. She hath twenty thousand million souls in grades of sixty and seventy. Lika said: To her assistance for three years I appoint Tici-king, God, with fifty millions for his hosts. How sayest thou, Tici-king? Tici-king said: By the grace of Jehovih, I rejoice in this labor. In sufficient time will I prepare my hosts and accomplish what thou hast given into my keeping.

6. Wothalowsit said: In four years the hosts of E'win will return from the double stars, Eleb and Wis, with their harvest of forty thousand million angels. How shall they be apportioned? Lika said: To Bonassah, six thousand millions; to Opel, two thousand millions; to Wedojain, five thousand millions; to Eosta, two thousand millions; to Feuben Roads, seven thousand millions; to Zekel, four thousand millions; to Huron, three thousand millions; to Poe-ga, six thousand millions; to Yulit, one thousand millions, and to Zulava, four thousand millions; and I appoint Misata, Goddess, to provide the places in these several heavens for them, and to have charge of their selection and allotment. And I give to her five hundred million angels for her laboring hosts. How sayest thou, Misata? Misata said: It is Jehovih's gift; I am rejoiced. I will prepare myself and my hosts.

7. Ching Huen said: Behold the star-world, Esatas, in her se'muan age will cross the Roads of Veh-yuis in three years hence! Lika answered Ching Huen, saying: To cross these roads of light in her se'muan age would blight her power to bring forth animal life sufficient unto her wide continents. The trail must be filled with se'muan forests to preserve her gestative season. To this labor I appoint Ieolakak, God of Esatas' se'muan forests in the Roads of Veh-yuis, four thousand years. And I allot to Ieolakak six thousand million laborers. How sayest thou, Ieolakak? He answered: This is a great labor; by the wisdom and power of Jehovih, I will accomplish it.

8. Veaga-indras said: In two years the fleets of Leogastrivins will return from their voyage of four thousand years, bringing two thousand million guests from the Iniggihauas regions. Who shall provide for their reception? Lika said: Yeanopstan, with ten million hosts. How sayest thou? Yeanopstan said: A most welcome labor, O Lika.

9. Hiss-Joso said: The Arches of Rassittissa, the etherean world of Yungtsze's Plains, will be to cast in four years. Lika said: To Sut-tuz six million arches, and to Iviji four million arches, and to each of them one hundred million laborers. How say ye? Then spake Sut-tuz and Iviji, saying: By the help of Jehovih, the labor will be accomplished.

10. Sachcha said: The star-world, Neto, will be to turn on her axis in two years hence, in which time she will pass through the south Fields of Takuspe. Lika said: This will be a great labor, and I appoint Urassus, with Salas, to accomplish it. And I give to them three years, with four thousand million laborers. How say ye? Then answered Urassus and Salas saying: With fear and trembling we rejoice at this great work. By Jehovih's wisdom and power, we shall accomplish it.

11. After this manner Lika made more than a thousand appointments to be accomplished ere he return from the earth and her heavens; but ordinary matters he left with his vice- Chief, Heih-Woo, and to the high Council, the select ten millions.

12. Jehovih had said: Even as I provided a little labor unto mortals to develop the talents I created withal, so in like manner, and after the same like, but spiritually, provided I greater labor unto the high-risen inhabitants in My etherean worlds. For which reason let My children learn the secret of harmonious and united labor with one another. I gave labor to man not as a hardship, but as a means of great rejoicing.

13. And the talents I gave on corpor, I gave not to die on corpor, but to continue on forever. As I gave talent for corporeal mathematics, and talent for corporeal buildings, even a talent for all things on corporeal worlds; even so provided I in My etherean worlds for the same talents, but spiritually. Wherein man on the corporeal earth, judging the adaptability of talent to corporeal things, may comprehend the nature of the labors I provided in My exalted heavens for the same talents.

14. Neither let any man fear that his talents may become too exalted for the work I have provided; for until he hath created a firmament, and created suns and stars to fill it, he hath not half fulfilled his destiny.

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